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Desenvolvedor: Theta Software Lab

ccPing - A Personal Messenger

ccPing is a personal messenger that will allow you to send messages securely everywhere.

- Secure chat
Worried that unwanted people may read your messages? Secure chat function can help you out. ONLY you and your partners, who know the password, can access the secure messages. ccPing allows you to create a secure and a normal conversation with the same contact simultaneously.

- Concurrent devices
This is an ideal feature for road warriors. At the same time, you can login to one UNIQUE ccPing account anywhere from ANY devices (PC desktop, web chat and smartphones) without missing any messages even when you move from the old phone to new one. ccPing now supports iOS and other platforms.

- Auto messages expiry
ccPing gives you options to send messages which will automatically be deleted after a period of time. This kind of messages will disappear forever from all the devices and the ccPing server. Auto messages expiry is another shield, prevent your messages from being read after expiring.

- Secure deletion
You have just sent a message then want nobody to see it, this function will save you. Your messages will not only be deleted away from your devices but receivers also. ccPing gives you a chance to undo your action.

- Clouds storage
All your files transferred will be uploaded to Dropbox or ccPing sever, depends on your choice. No more worries of missing data or files being touched by other people as Dropbox backs it up. Other clouds storage will be launched soon.

- Standard features
ccPing will automatically check and sync your address book with your permission then you are FREE to start chatting with friends who are using ccPing either in individual or in group. More than text, ccPing also allows Voice memo, just press the record button and leave the rest for ccPing, your voice record will be sent.


-Does the application only work on iPhone?
Currently we only support iPhone and other platforms. You can try it at

-Does the application only work with devices that have installed the app?
Yes, it will only work with devices that have installed the app

-How does the push notification work in the app? What is the function of it?
Push notification is to send offline message to user. If user is offline, and another user sends a message to him, he will receive the push notification. The push notification is limited to maximum 1 push per 15 seconds per user so that it will not flood the client machine.

-How does you app send free SMS messages?
We do not send free SMSes. Our app sends message via WIFI or 3G network (carrier data charge applied). We just make the app as easy as possible for users to use it so that they can feel as if they are sending/receiving an SMS. However, it is not an SMS but a message sent over the (WIFI/3G) network.